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Measures to reduce the harm associated with alcohol

Every drop of alcohol increases the risk of serious diseases. Yet the public remains largely unaware of these risks. The alcohol industry invests heavily in romanticising alcohol consumption, thereby fostering social acceptance. Especially among young people, who are already naturally more vulnerable, the impact is high. To reduce the harm of alcohol, the Superior Health Council makes the following recommendations:

  1. Ban marketing and advertising of alcohol and in the meantime impose temporary rules on how often, where and what messages are allowed
  2. Require correct warning messages and clear information on the label
  3. Raise the minimum age to 18 years for all alcoholic beverages
  4. Introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol

The new bill approved in the Chamber of Representatives earlier this month does not go far enough for the Superior Health Council. The effectiveness of these measures is scientifically proven and will benefit society as a whole.

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