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Candida auris

Diagnosis, prevention and management of infections in healthcare facilities

Candida auris, identified in 2009, poses a threat to vulnerable patients in hospitals. This yeast can cause severe blood infections and is often resistant to conventional antifungal treatments. It can survive for long periods on the skin and on various surfaces, facilitating transmission. Since its discovery, cases have been reported in over 50 countries, making it a serious health threat worldwide.

In this advisory report, the Superior Health Council presents an overview of the spread of Candida auris at global, European, and Belgian levels, as well as recommendations to control the spread of this yeast, such as

  • how to manage an infected patient,
  • what guidelines to give to laboratories for analyses,
  • how to handle potential nosocomial transmission,
  • and what advice to follow in specific environments.

The Superior Health Council also offers a practical fact sheet for healthcare providers that summarises the guidelines.